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OurTraditional Firework Displays.

"Pyro performances that just let the fireworks do the talking".

A well crafted traditional firework display engages audiences in a way that no other form of live entertainment can match.  

With our many years experience providing displays we have also continuously watched our audience reactions to see what excites and thrills. We know the recipe that will take your audience through the raft of emotions that culminate in wow.  

"This recipe is our design and the ingredients are our products".

We take our strongest influences from a combination of the Spanish and Italian masters, who create firework performances with great power and beauty.
We believe that every display has to be distinct, creative and to get the best out of any particular site. To describe one of our shows in one word would be....different....the next would be....passion.  

The ethos behind our firework style.   

Surprise and keep the audience guessing from start to finale.

Amaze by showing something new or different by creating some of our money shot moments.

Feel not just to see and hear but to feel the fireworks by creating the illusion of a little bit of fear.

Excite not only just during but also after for them to believe and say that was amazing.
firework display and specila effects