Firework and Pyro Special Effect electronic firing system:

firework displays and special effects
At the heart of providing spectacular modern firework and Pyro special effect productions are the electronic firing systems behind the scenes that control the effects and equipment.

We are unrivalled within the industry as we don't stick to any one system to make do, we simply select the very best systems and equipment for doing any particular task. 

​We combine single or multiple systems and associated firing technology with several layers of safety features.

This ensures when we push the button our performance goes off on time, safely and accurately.

​​Galaxis Firing System:​​​​

Galaxis is particularly useful for stage and arena work, it is wireless capable with high anti-interference protection. This system is hugely expandable from a single module and fully programmable.

Other key benefits include the capability of firing G Flame units and also fully integrated DMX control allowing further expansion and possibilities.

In short this system via one platform controls all pyrotechnic and special effects needs whilst large enough to cope with any event size.

stage pyrotechnics module
stage pyrotechnics firing system

Fire One Firing System:

firework firing system
This system is seen by many of the worlds biggest and best firework companies as the go to system for firework displays. In fact most of the largest and most complicated displays across the globe are controlled with this system.

It has wireless capability, but its main benefit is being able to provide a secure complex digital network over great distance with some very simple inexpensive two wire cabling. 

It is very capable in manual and automated displays such as pyro-musicals, it can even fire displays via GPS signal to ensure the show fires exactly on time.

fireworks firing module

DMX and Manual Systems:

With some  live events its sometimes better to fire the show manually using DMX desks and simple systems, providing us the flexibility to busk to beats and hit the drops with the option for DJ's or TM's to operate from a recognised platform. We provide multiple safety features including E stops to ensure cues are only fired safely.
DMX desk for stage sfx
sfx firing system
Sacrificial Systems:
These tend to be wireless, affordable but very reliable, often for special effect work we use sacrificial equipment, this happens where the effect could likely destroy part or all of the system. 

Examples would be effects attached to moving objects, exploding cars, or even high action large fuel effects. 

One of these particular bits of equipment has already been out three times, worked perfectly and survived. A testament to the quality of manufacture.