1. Massive streamer FX
  2. Streamer and pyro FX

Streamer FX for events and celebrations

Streamers are great option for any event and heavily used for music festivals, sporting events and corporate launches with options to match your team or company colours to promote your brand.
​​We have a huge range of colours in either metallic or paper and even fully biodegradable with every way to shoot them for small events with handheld units to massive arena and stadium filling effects.

Streamers shooting equipment and effect size

Streamer handheld cannon

Handheld streamer cannons

No set up time required and clients can fire themselves, great for wedding photos and party fun.

​Effect 12 or 20 metres

streamer power shot

Power shot single unit

Pre loaded electric streamer cannons

Can be attached to truss or fired direct from stage.

Effect 12 to 20 metres

streamer multi head cannon

Multi head streamer cannon

Mix and match streamers colours or type or with confetti cannons. 

Effect 12 to 20 metres

stadium shot massive streamer effect

Stadium shot  X-treme

Loaded with a huge payload of streamers.

Instantaneous arena effect fast to reload during performance for next massive shot.

Effect height 35 metres plus

Pyrotechnic streamer FX

We even have the option to shoot streamers from discreet pyrotechnic units very useful for venues when equipment needs to be kept out of sight. 
streamer and confetti from Black Powder FX