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Event pyro and Special Effects.

Black Powder FX delivers the full range of creative and exciting special effects for many clients and venues that include, stage, TV and film, music festivals, sports events and product launches either entire productions or just high accent statements to compliment the performance.

Working directly with artists and event managers or as part of the wider production team we create safe wow moments to excite your crowd.

Whatever your project or event size, indoor or outdoor, we provide a comprehensive service for all your event SFX needs.​​

Our SFX services

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Full range of SFX products and service, now including non pyrotechnic sparks to massive close proximity pyro finale displays.

Non pyrotechnic special effects

New non Pyrotechnic Sparks
​Provide a fresh close proximity solution.

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Flames and Fire
​Every type, size, colour and even angled FX.

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Co2 Jets and interactive guns.

Massive range of colour, shapes and any amount either handheld or equipment fired.

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​Any type and every size handheld or equipment fired.

Powder fx

Powder FX
​Cover the crowd in a paint rainbow.

Balloon drops and release

​Spectacular drops and release. Massive range and also now brand printable*

  • All special effects, elements or combination are tested at rehearsal to ensure safety and provide the opportunity for any fine adjustments whilst giving you the confidence that the effect is exactly what you are looking for.
  • The systems equipment and products we employ are chosen for their timing, safety and accuracy that combine to ensure we produce spectacular effects.

  • We always carry spares of every effect and multiples of those in case there are any last minute production changes or re-takes wanted, for instance from different filming angles, these additional stock items are only charged if they are required.  

Other FX Services:

  • Snow machines
  • Low lying fog
  • Go everywhere bubbles
  • Branded T shirt shooting
  • Laser FX

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