Saying goodbye with fireworks.

We provide our services to scatter you loved ones ashes in a celebration of life and final goodbye with a flurry of fireworks.

Your relative may have either loved fireworks or expressed a wish for their ashes to be scattered during a firework display or your family may want to get together say goodbye in a colourful and interesting way.

What are mortician pyrotechnics.

Mortician pyrotechnics are specialised fireworks that have a compartment for the addition of ashes. We include your loved ones ashes in these effects and send them up to the heavens in a spectacular and fitting farewell.

What type of display?

We can offer either individual effects for small gatherings or as part of the start or finale of a celebration firework display.

We can also provide you the options to light the fireworks yourself by pressing a button.​​
firework display ashes scattering