Reduced noise firework display

Reduced noise fireworks and pyro displays.

Unfortunately some venues may restrict firework displays normally due to local objections from their neighbours or local authority. If fireworks are a must for your event, do be sure to bring that up early when deciding on a venue.
If you have already decided on a venue that has firework restrictions, we still may be able to offer something a little different possibly a reduced noise display or even some pyrotechnics or special effects within the venue itself.

How we manage firework noise:

Nearly all display fireworks have noise associated either from the lift effect on the ground or their break and other sound effects in the air.
There are however many effects that produce less noise and are used to create memorable reduced noise firework displays to thrill your audience.  
​​We design these displays in two ways:

  •  firstly by carefully selecting firework products with reduced lift and break qualities that are even able to include high calibre effects.

  • We then work with the firing tempo to steadily increase the performance to create a reduced peak rise and fall of sound.

Sites with a fireworks ban:

For sites with complete firework noise ban we use many other bits of equipment and techniques, for instance we produce fire shows with electronic flame systems and may include some pyrotechnic stage effects both have very little noise and when accompanied by music there sound are almost not noticed.
If you desire fireworks or similar and the venue won't allow don't give up, please give us a call there might well be something we can help you with. We have a masses of experience, so do get in touch, we are more than happy to have a conversation with you and the venue to see if there is anything we can do.
Low noise firework displays