Firework display questions and answers

Firework Display Q & A's

​​Q. What’s the latest we can have a firework display?

A. Fireworks should not be set off after 11pm, there are however a few exceptions.
Bonfire night, latest midnight. New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali not after 1am.

On the other hand pyrotechnic articles and special effects have no restrictions except for what would be reasonable locally with noise being their governing factor.

Note: There may also be some earlier cut off times that your venue may require.

Q. Can we keep the fireworks display secret from our guests?

A. If our set up position is hidden we will do our utmost to provide the surprise.

Q. What happens if our wedding reception is running a bit late for the fireworks?

A. Don’t worry we are always very flexible, we only ever fire the display when you are ready.

Q. How much space do you need for the fireworks display?

A. The simple answer is as much space as practically possible when firing fireworks being greedy with separation from the audience benefits everyone both in terms of safety and also aids the full appreciation of a display.

Deciding of what product can to be used within the display is based on our site assessment. we understand our products and every site has its own possibilities.

Where sites are particularly tight, we have a solution, with our experience and extensive range of products for close proximity pyrotechnic displays, these products are specifically designed with very low fall out characteristics and can be safely used even very close to the audience and alos can be fired from structures or buildings.

Q. Are you able to do quiet fireworks?

A. Nearly all display fireworks have noise associated either from the lift effect on the ground or their break and other sound effects in the air. There are however many effects that produce less noise and coupled with careful design and use of tempo we provide memorable reduced noise firework displays to thrill your audience.

Q. What happens if it raining?

A. We are both going to get a little wet! but the fireworks will still go off as planned, they are always fully waterproofed, and if the weather is looking unfavourable we can discuss reducing the display duration by firing the entire show a little quicker. Wind direction can sometimes be an issue however we always look where possible to secure a secondary firing position so to manage that risk.

Q. Our venue will not allow us to have fireworks is there anything you can do?

A. Unfortunately some venues may restrict fireworks displays normally due to local objections from their neighbours or local authority. If fireworks are a must for your event, do be sure to bring that up early when deciding on a venue.

If you have already decided on a venue that has restrictions, we still may be able to offer something a little different. Possibly a reduced noise display or even some pyrotechnics or special effects within the venue itself.

We have a lot of experience, so do get in touch, we are more than happy to have a conversation with you and the venue to see if there is anything we can do.

Q. There are farm animals, horses and also pets close to our venue, How do we know they are going to be OK?

A. Our first priority as a professional firework display company is to understand and manage all risks that may be caused by our actions. We don't want to upset anyone, damage any property or frighten animals including wildlife, we're after all in the fun business. 
What we do know from our own experience regarding fireworks and animals is all about planning and being reasonable. We are always happy to discuss any concerns with the neighbours to our firing site and offer advice.

We have even provided services to de-sensitise horses and dogs particularly prior to the November bonfire season with great success.

One of our firing crew is also a highly respected Vet and expert animal behaviourist who is always happy to get involved to offer impartial professional advice to clients and others.

On sensitive sites we design displays with either noise reduced products or effect timings to steadly build so peak noise durations are reduced. We find that this steady build in sound has far less of a possible startle effect to animals. We also can reduce display durations so to the animal it would possibly only experience similar to a passing thunder storm.

Where a location can not be managed we simply do not provide service.

Q. What happens if we have to cancel the fireworks display?

A. We provide a clear cancellation policy within our booking information and contract. We always work with clients where they have a need to cancel a display.

Q. Do you ever have to cancel a display?

A. We very rarely and will only ever cancel a firework display where we cannot ensure safety. Wind conditions would be our main concern. We do however design the display to include products that have reduced fallout characteristics and even have options to mask effect from being fired even during the display.
If however the weather looks so unfavourable and therefore impossible to manage we must reserve the right to cancel. Once we make that decision, we cannot nor will not be dissuaded by any other party.

Q. We and our friends want to do the fireworks ourselves, have you got any advice?

A. Yes have fun, but always: Only ever purchase the best firework products you can afford from reputable suppliers and follow their advice and the product safety instructions completely, (If a product states say 25 metres separation on the label and you have more space then always use it)! “creating distance from audience improves safety”

Be aware of product fallout characteristics particularly with angled effects as they can travel far further than you may think, speak to your supplier for individual product advice.

Only ever have one sensible and experienced person in charge, always plan to allow more time for the set-up than you first thought and never allow anyone who has been drinking to light any fireworks.

If you are using sparklers be careful with the kids, under-five’s should not be given them.

Be aware that some permissions may be required and you may also require insurance.

Possibly the most important thing is to ensure the person in charge has successful recent experience and is completely capable. 

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