Non pyrotechnic sparks

Event and Stage Pyro Special Effects.

Behind any successful stage pyrotechnic company is the product it uses they must be consistent and predictable. At Black Powder FX we only pick the very best quality pyro material to ensure our safety margins are reliable and for the effect to look stunning.

Our Products
The range we offer is vast with variations within effect types that include height, shape and duration this allows us to choose exactly the right product for any situation.  


Every site is different so we test our effect type prior to each and every performance, pyro products are therefore selected to fit the site and not the other way round.  
Where situations require we work with our suppliers who will build amazing event specific material that covers our safety requirements and provide exactly the right effect solution for the production.
Our firing systems and effect equipment is state of the art and able to cope with any scale of event indoors or outdoors. We then add our skill and experience to deliver creative PYRO FX solutions.
Pyrotechnic special efects