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Pyromusical firework displays

Pyromusicals bringing together a firework display with music to create fully choreographed pyro performances.

​​With the use of modern digital firing systems, simulation design software and highly accurate pyrotechnics we fully choreograph fireworks displays with music to produce immersive and memorable performances.

​Almost any music style can be combined with carefully selected fireworks and effects to compliment the rhythm with light and sound. You can choose the music from a favourite track or bands and together we plan the display around those selections.
​​​​There are two distinct pyromusical styles:

  • To follow the music closely, technically very impressive and sure to mesmerise your audience with wow, their success is dependent on a balance of duration v budget.

  • To follow along with the musical mood and provide emphasis at key points with also a few thoughtful surprises. Displays can be fast or slow with option for some noise reduction.

Both styles have their place and neither is better than the other, deciding which is usually based on audience type and display location. We design to both styles and with our many tricks and methods to make it spectacular.

These types of firework displays are available for any event type, but great for weddings, proms and private parties.

Budgets do vary and advise clients to look to spend around £250 per minute, this provides for enough scope for a balanced performance with the ability to fully compliment higher tempo music scores with our amazing firework finales.

If you are interested in finding out more about pyro-musical displays, please do contact us as early as possible, as there is a fair amount of background design time and planning required.

How we create your pyro-musical firework show.

Firework music sound file
Once you have decided on the music, we create a sound file and add the fireworks and special effects to our design software.
We then produce a simulation video so you can get a feel of what the eventual display will look like. Please do remember it is only a computer illustration, the real thing will look a whole lot bigger and far more impressive.
Firework simulation, pyromusical video
Pyromusical firework displays