How you know we've got safety covered. 

Black Powder FX starting point on any new firework, pyro or special effect work is always from the safety point of view.

With our extensive experience and specialist knowledge in fireworks, pyrotechnics and energetic special effects we believe we offer our clients, the right pyro FX experts on your site backed up with our comprehensive risk management systems that are arguably some of the very best within the business.

​​​Just having an Insurance policy is not and will never be our starting point, We believe by providing quality products and employing our experience based tried and tested working methods is the very best way to ensure safety.
How we operate:

  • We test and understand each and every one of our products to ensure we provide reasonable separation.

  • We plan for product and equipment to fail (sometimes even the very best products can misbehave) all separation distances are calculated with that in mind.

  • We provide quality equipment that has been tested to destruction to ensure any mishap is either contained or its effects are much reduced but fully understood.

  • We adhere to industry best practice and only use products as allowed within UK Law.

  • We employ senior operators that have many years experience they liaise with event organisers and other safety representatives they will also closely supervise any other direct employed crew members or experienced sub-contractors.

  • We encourage and liaise closely with organisers, performers and any authority or any person who may have interest so they are aware and fully understandof our activities.

  • We will only operate on sites at specific times where we are the sole provider for firework, pyro or energetic special effects.

  • We carefully and continually assess site limitations including any changes that may occur leading up to, during and in some circumstances post an event.

  • From our arrival on site until leaving, we follow our assessment and continuously monitor safety during performances, the dynamic process we follow is based on a philosophy of halt the display rather than continue and see what happens! 

  • We only provide service where we ensure safety to audience /public, crew and organisers are covered in full.

  • We will not fire or continue if we feel circumstances may change beyond what we believe is controllable we cannot and will not be swayed from that decision in any way by any party.
​​Our paperwork consists of a Production Pack that contains:

  • An overview of the production performance or display.

  • A map detailing the firing positions, safety exclusion and fall out zone with the relevant distances.

  • References relating to likely fallout with particularly regard to wind strength and direction.

  • Product information including type, calibre and hazard types and also any safety data sheets.
  • Individual operation risk assessment and method statements.

  • Our codes of operational practice with contingency planning.

  • The  details of our insurance provider.

  • The contact details of our senior crew member.

  • Depending on the scale of the event there may be a number of other documents also provided within the pack.

If anything is at all unclear please don't hesitate to contact, it's never a problem.​​

Fireworks Displays and Pyro Special Effects performances are always best managed with separation. It benefits safety whilst often allows our audience to further appreciate and fully enjoy the performance.

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