Fireworks, SFX consumables and pyrotechnic products.


We source our fireworks from around the globe including products from a few select factories in China, for larger calibres and even higher quality material we look to the masters from Italy and Spain who produce the most vibrant spectrum of colours with unrivalled quality of effects.

All our products are selected for their consistency: colour, fallout characteristics, effect and timings.

All products are CE marked and fully conform to UK legislation.

Pyrotechnics & Close Proximity

We have a vast range of stage pyrotechnic and close proximity material to pick from and much of it manufactured here in the UK. When the need arises we can create one off event specific material.

The reliability and consistency of our pyro FX is very important to us, even with known or recently used products we always still batch test pyro units prior to every performance.

​This testing and our knowledge for these products ensure our separation distances can be relied upon.

SFX Consumables

We provide Confetti, streamers, and FX powders with extensive choice of colours or shapes.

We select only the best and most reliable products on the market so our first choice is the  MAGICFX® product range.

All products have detailed MSDS data sheets​​