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New non pyrotechnic close proximity sparks solutions.

Sparks FX

These new spark units provide unrivalled close proximity solutions.

They are designed to remove the fire risk associated with some pyrotechnics providing a new and unrivalled control for close proximity sparks effects.

The safety and exclusion zones are massively reduced as the effect particles cool instantly when in contact with air.

Effects are so safe that a hand can be placed directly over without causing any harm.

For indoor and some outdoor use, quick to deploy, fire and recover.
Safe stage effects
New Sparks FX kit
stage sparks
  • Effect height adjustable from 1m to 5m.

  • ​Angle range between 45 and 90 degrees.

  • ​Multiple firings from single unit or many units combined.

  • Effect duration adjustable from fast to long burn.

  • Smoke reduced

  • ​DMX controllable

  • ​Fast repeat firing for sequences and chases.​​
massive event spark solution