Stage and arena Pyro and special effect equipment.

multi colour flame system
g flame wireless stage flame system
stage flame
co2 jets multi head
Co2 Jet
co2 power shot jet
multi shot confetti or streamer cannon
spark fx non pyrotechnic effects
​​All our firework and special effect hardware has been chosen for its safety, flexilability, reliability and performance to ensure every production is seemless.

​Our range includes the best and safest modern firing and effect equipment with sufficient to cope with any size FX production or event.

Our operators are fully trained, highly experienced professionals and provide our clients the confidence that their performance will be memorable. 

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting kit to be able offer the latest FX solutions.
Recently a new non pyrotechnics Spark FX unit has become available and provides us another option for close proximity work. please follow this link to see the new system.

Select below for details about our range of SFX equipment.

confetti blaster to cover the crowd
stadium shot for massive streamer effect