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Black Powder FX provides every type and scale of firework display for any celebration or event.

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Traditional firework display

Traditional firework display
Fireworks displays letting the fireworks do their magic. We give them a helping hand by using creative design and fire them with state of the art digital systems to give our awesome products every chance to wow you and your audience.

pyromusical firework display

Pyro-musical firework display
A fireworks display choreographed to music using effects to compliment the rhythm with light and sound.
Client choose the music or theme and we add the sparkle.

Multi media event special effects and fireworks

Multi-media production
The creation of firework theatre by combining sound, lights, laser, live performers and fireworks.
Extraordinary performances in their own right, budgets do need to be of a scale to justify the production.

Day light pyro display
If you have ever been to a day light firework display you know that you are in for another treat.
Created with a combination of noise effects whistle and bangs and colour, the rhythm, scale and sound make them always a tremendous spectacle. 

daylight firework display
reduced noise firework display

Reduced noise firework displays​​
Sites or venues may sometimes have issues with making too much noise we offer sensitive sites a low noise fireworks solution.

close proximity firework display

Close proximity Pyro effects
We specialise in providing safe and creative fireworks or specialist pyrotechnic effects for tight or restricted sites.

If you have contacted another company and they said it's impossible we very probably have a safe pyro solution to offer. Please don't hesitate to give us a call.

A final goodbye to a loved one with fireworks.
We offer ashes scattering service using fireworks to send your loved one up to the heavens in a dazzling final tribute.

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