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Cryogenic special effects.

Co2 Jets are a massive favourite for DJ and bands for complementing their performance and hitting those high energy drops that really get the crowd jumping. ​

Producing dense plumes of freezing white hissing carbon dioxide piped to jets or even to mobile guns for exciting performer interactions with the audience. Options can include lighting effects change plume colour.

Our equipment range for Co2 jets and guns.

​We have every type of equipment and firing option with enough quantity to cope with any sized production or event.

Co2 stage jets

Co2 Jet's 
Produce solid white 8 metre smoke plumes accompanied with a strong hissing sound.

Positions and firing options:

Co2 jets can be positioned almost anywhere often set up on the down stage edge and function to create the normal all up effect.

​To be a bit more creative individual units can be easily set up to be fully channel selectable to allow the operator the control of any combination of jets. 

The firing control can be positioned so either your performer or our crew can operate the effect.
co2 multi head stage jets

Multi and moving head Co2 jet's.

​Firing individual channels or combining units to
create moving effect or chase sequences.

Power Jet's

Co2 Jet's big brother

​Massive white plumes and hiss.

​Multi angle and position.

power shot co2 jet

Co2 Guns

​Audience interaction!

co2 special effects
co2 guns
co2 special effects