Corporate event special effects and fireworks

Corporate event FX solutions:

Black Powder FX partners with your company to provide attention grabbing and memorable corporate event solutions. 

We understand that fundamental to the production of memorable corporate events is the importance to impart the sense and the re-enforcement of your company's core values, and for that message to be heard loud and clear to both clients and staff and ensure they leave with a massive feel good factor.

When you partner with Black Powder FX, your are assured that you are working with likeminded professionals who promise to work with you to make your event special and exciting by providing you comprehensive solutions for inspirational and engaging entertainment.

Corporate event ideas or excuses!

Engaging Company events.

Entertaining grand dinner or AGM's with impactful introductions for speakers and prize winners with our range of close proximity indoor effects.

Product launch. 

Nothing lets the world know your there better.......... than a bang!
With our range of product and services we can compliment your launch to reinforce your branding and market identity with pyrotechnics, confetti, streamers or coloured flames.

Client and staff entertainment. 

Celebrate your company's success with clients and staff with one of our amazing 
firework displays is always a sure way to keep them all talking well after the event.

Event venue signage and lighting with fire.

Display your company name or logo with one of our real flaming signs, we also provide flambeau and flame pits to offer subtle and safe lighting around your event venue.

Special effect production for TV adverts or in house videos. 

Adding a touch of Hollywood to your own corporate productions and making them even more engaging by including our production special effects.

​Team building fireworks and pyrotechnic try days.

Giving an insight into the explosive industry, We offer groups the opportunity to be both technical and creative within our world of pyrotechnics. These events are fun and provide interesting team building exercises with a strong focus on trust, planning and the importance for the understanding of safety in a non cluttered way.
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