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Confetti FX for events and celebrations

Confetti is not just for weddings but also we offer both indoor or outdoor events huge crowd pleasing fluttering colourful clouds of fun.

Whatever your occasion, event or celebration our confetti FX offer safe, inert effects with a massive choice in colours and shapes both paper and metallic and also specialised non toxic and fully biodegradable. We also have a brand printable confetti or our NEW "catch the prize" option.

Whatever you event we have every possible way to shoot confetti from small effects to massive cover the sky options to cope with any sized arena or stage.

Our range of Confetti FX shooting equipment and effect sizes.

Handheld Confetti cannon​s

​Effect  4, 6 or 12 metre

confetti hand held cannon

Power shot

Pre loaded Confetti cannons fired electrically

Effect  6 to 12 metres.

confetti power shot

Multi head confetti cannon

Mix and match confetti colours or with streamers.

Effect 6 to 12 metres

confetti multi head cannon

Super blaster XL

Huge volume confetti blower capable of producing extended blasts very fast to reload with different colours and type.

​All confetti types

Effect Height 20 plus metres

confetti blaster massive fetti shooter

Pyrotechnic confetti SFX

Like streamers we also have the option of pyrotechnic units if we need to keep equipment out of sight. In addition we also offer swirl fans to silently either raise the effect or just keep it fluttering.
Confetti and streamer from black powder fx