1605 The Black Powder plot....!

november firework displays and special effects

Black Powder FX are based in the heart of East Sussex where the world's oldest, most impressive, largest and interesting Bonfire Night celebrations take place every year. So you rightly would expect us to know a thing or two on how to celebrate Bonfire night with fireworks in style.

Some of our other pyro services include:

  • Themed bonfire builds including metal structures.
  • Electronic dancing flame and pyro displays (great for small sites)
  • Ground effects set pieces, wheels, Saxon’s and lance-work
  • ​Pyro animation artists and fire breathers / dancers.

We love working on interesting projects so if you have a quirky idea for your event and you want to include pyrotechnics we probably have a solution, please give us a call.

As you would imagine the bonfire season is one of our busiest times of the year so please do contact us as early as possible to book your display. You can click on our rhyme below to contact us.  

bonfire night firework displays
A guy once told me......"He who hath smelt the smoke is ne'er again free​"