About Fireworks and Special Effects from Black Powder FX 

Our company was formed out of our burning passion for the art of pyrotechnics and the artistic understanding and control of explosives, through our mastering of it's many disciplines and by using both its beauty and power we create and deliver indoor and outdoor engaging explosive entertainment. 

We are very fortunate to have arguably some of the best products, pyrotechnic and special effect technicians available anywhere. With their assistance we provide our clients the confidence that their event or celebration will be modern, fresh, unusual and exciting but above all safe.​​

The story behind our name.

Black Powder was the first chemical explosive, likely happened upon centuries ago by an unsuspecting Chinese alchemist, its first proper use was to ward off evil spirits by creating loud bangs.
But soon it became clear this new base ingredient could provide much more. A whole form of entertainment and the art and magic of fireworks begun.
Across the ages many marvelled and a few became intrigued by the power and possibilities of the mystical powder, through their experimentation and passion they created and developed new ways to control and further the art. The very same processes continue today with the modern masters ever refining the art by creating amazing new firework products and pyro effects.​​​
Today, we pick up on their experience, bring their products and take its name with pride, adding our passion to offer you the best of modern explosive entertainment from Black Powder FX.
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