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Firework displays and special effects east sussex
"It is not in this game that ​​I expect to exceed expectations, but that six minute marvel did it in spades"
​​"It was a pleasure working with you, and I very much hope we can do so again."
We are dedicated to provide our clients the best possible pyrotechnic FX solutions for any event size or budget.

We bring professional and highly experienced Pyro crews who are arguably some of the very best in the business.

​We plan extensively to ensure the correct SFX products, equipment and design is appropriate for each site.

​We finally add our passion and flare to ignite amazing memorable moments of explosive entertainment to Wow you and your audience.​
​​"I have some inkling of what it took, And for all the supreme efforts and your consummate professionalism, thank you"
"For once, eloquent words fail me. To quote my client summation: That was awesome. And they are correct"